Firstly, wish you all a great year in 2014.

If you havent updated to version of Bootstrap Ultimate, please do so. I’ve explained the changes and the weird version number in the previous post.

For the future releases, the priority is to stabilize the previously added features since a good deal of previously listed planned features have been implemented in 1.3.9. The theme now has reached a solid point with most of the major features out of the way but there are still many features in mind to be added or improved up on. These include but not limited to:

Planned features for 1.4 and later

  • Extensions Support for common plugins (Woocommerce, Theme My Login etc.)
  • Custom Templates (Custom home, category page etc. examples)
  • Backgrounds / Patterns
  • Image replacements of fontawesome icons for older, non-capable browsers.
  • Extended font support (FontSquirrel, TypeKit etc.)
  • Sample / demo content
  • Documentation
  • Even more child bootstrap themes
  • Theme roller