New features and fixes are always is in the works, but it takes time to put together a new version, and get it approved on WP themes dir.

So i thought i’d post some fixes here for those who know their way around and cant wait for the new updates to get approved. Here are some quick fixes for the bugs in v.

Bugfix: Google font variants not being saved properly.

Open ./functions.php around lines 1360 you’ll see:

Change it to:

Bugfix: Home page pagination.

Open your ./home.php and find the line around line 81:

Change it to:

Open your ./inc/eo/theme-functions.php around line 169 you’ll see:

Change it to:

Bugfix: Sidebar / layout choice fix for page.

Open your ./page.php around line 8 & 31 you’ll see:

Change those lines to:

And the next:


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