BSUL 1.4.4 Update

New update -1.4.4- has been submitted for Bootstrap Ultimate.

In this version bootstrap library has been updated to latest 3.1 release, added 3 new Bootswatch sub themes (Lumen,Superhero & a valentines special theme Cupid)  and some other fixes

As always; it’d take some time for the update to get approved before it appears in your automatic updates. So if you like you can go to the dev. section of the theme to download latest from SVN, or wait for the update to get approved.

Changelog 1.4.4

  • Added: 3 new sub Bootswatch themes; Superhero, Lumen & valentine special; Cupid.
  • *Update: Bootstrap lib update.
  • *Bugfix: php 5.4 strict warnings.
  • Various other minor fixes

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