1.4.9 Update

This update finally fixes your carousel problems !

Been getting a lot of complaints about the carousel. This update addresses almost all of those issues also a few more. Find details below.

As always; it takes some time for the update to get approved before it appears in your automatic updates (Usually a few days, but sometimes as long as a week or two). So if you like you can go to the dev. section of the theme to download latest from SVN, or wait for the update to get approved.

Changelog 1.4.9


  • *Bugfix: Many carousel bugfixes
  • *Modified: Whole Carousel layout.
  • *Added: More Carousel options (bg, interval, autoplay, pause, continousity)
  • *Removed: Redundant image sizes. (X eo-highlight-> now uses thumbnail. X eo-carousel-> removed due to new carousel layout)
  • *Bugfix: Mobile menu logo overlap, logo adjustments.
  • *Added: New Theme: Darkly.

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