Must read: Kind-of-big update 1.3.9.x

A new update has been submitted.This update incorporates many of the long awaited features such as backup ability & adjustable layouts/columns and solves many bugs that has been haunting me since 1.0 like properly fetched and  defined google fonts & variants.

I’m really glad to knock off many of the major planned features i’ve announced earlier. Of course every new feature creates new bugs, and there may be many things that got out of sight during development, but this release is a huge step towards stabilizing the theme. Which is also good news, once the theme is stable, you wont get annoying weekly updates but once a month, if that.

In addition to the backup / restore options & adjustable layout feature, the next big thing is gaining control of your posts-loop. You can now integrate your custom posts types in your loop or the modules. Also you can split your loop into two columns for larger screens. There are many more background upgrades you’ll slightly notice. The markup has drastically changed, so did the files. Some have moved, some have been deleted. So after upgrade make sure to delete these osbsolete files if they are still there:

  • ./inc/carousel.php
  • ./inc/featurettes.php
  • ./inc/highlights.php
  • ./inc/ga.php
  • ./inc/home-bak.php
  • ./inc/jumbo.php
  • ./archive.php
  • ./author.php
  • ./page.php
  • ./search.php
  • ./sidebar-sidebar2

As you all know it takes a couple of days, sometimes even more than a week for updates to get approved. And with almost everyone being in the middle of holiday season, this might get delayed a little bit more than expected.

Anyway, happy holidays in advance. Meantime you can play with the new version over at the demo page:

PS: Dont let the v. numbers confuse you, 1.3.9 was the v number for the update but i have discovered several tiny bugs after submitting it, so had to bump the v number all the way up to So once the update is approved you’ll be downlading Latest version, which is :

Speaking of which, tiny note on v numbers 1.x.y.z, first number 1 represents the main release number, a bump in x indicates a major release, a bump in y usually indicates a minor release where z indicates tiniest bumps just to allow me to upload new versions to the WP theme directory. That explained, you’d think the v number for the release should be 1.4.0 at least, but that would imply a stable tag, and since the features implemented with this release are very new and untested, i decided to wait a while before actually calling it 1.4.x

Changelog 1.3.9.x

  • v.
  • Bugfix: Multiple-word Google font variant not being retrieved (ex: Averia Serif Libre). Google font variants transient not being updated.
  • Bugfix: Google font-family css property definition.
  • Minor pre-release fixes.
  • v.
  • Added: Adjustable -columns- layout feature.
  • Added: Backup & Restore options feature.
  • Added: New bootswatch theme: Yeti
  • Added: Custom post type support for modules¿
  • Added: Loop options (single|double column, include custom post types).
  • Removed: Reduced number of page templates (author,search,page) for easier development(most of the content falls back to index.php with conditional titles).
  • Added: Homepage options (home sidebar,recent posts on home etc).
  • Modified: Tidied up general markup across page templates and simplified.
  • Modified: Custom Image in post screen is displayed if a featured image is not present.
  • Added: New page template for Home
  • Added: New Carousel effect -fade-
  • Added: .Chosen -selects- in frontend extensions
  • Modified: Nicer post display (aligned inline featured image + content instead of huge featured image)
  • Bugfix: Last clicked tab in admin panel not being remembered.
  • Bugfix: custom_layout Custom option For old posts that dont have “custom_layout” option.
  • Bugfix: top search adding double ?s qs.
  • Bugfix: missing author name in comments.php
  • Bugfix: Display a page setting in Jumbotron
  • Modified: Highlights equalized.
  • Modified: Footer adjustments
  • Colorbox adjustments
  • Versioned alert & info messages for less intrusion.
  • Bugfix: Possible bugfix in info messages.
  • Various other fixes such as post article <footer> date, extra closing </div> in header etc.
  • Revised template tags – in accordance with core.trac#2142
  • Revised template description slightly to reflect the recent changes
  • Revised readme.txt