Bootstrap UL Update 1.4.0 – 1.4.2

Newly submitted version of 1.4.0 gives you even more flexibility with your loop and modules.

As always; you will find changelog below and remember it takes some time for the update submission to get approved on WP themes dir and display in your theme updates.

The option to display excerpt or full content has been added to the loop options. Which comes pretty handy if you use double columns for loop to equalize heights. You can limit the exceprt either by words or number of characters. Featured IMG’s were block-display in earlier versions, with 1.3 i’ve changed them to inline for a grouped display, but some people actually want them block it seems so, an option to display featured image block / inline has been added, also another to link the featured image to the post or the image.

alsodClipboard01This version irons out remaining -known- bugs and adds even more options to the Loop and modules.exccClipboard01 For instance now you can display the modules on any page in addition to home, so that you can display your carousel on a custom front page or any other page for that matter.

You can also choose to exclude the posts that are shown in modules in other areas, such as other modules or recent posts on home. This tackles a great problem; same post getting displayed in multiple places. Additionally you can specify IDs to exclude and/or include.

Please keep in mind that that if you both INCLUDE & EXCLUDE, by default WordPress will ignore the EXCLUDES, and only display the INCLUDES.

Also note that, in order to exclude for example carousel posts from other places, we need to first know what posts carousel will show, so the block excludes (carousel posts etc.) will be filtered not on the 1st but on the 2nd page load and later.

Due to the nature of the process, if you set RANDOM order for a module, preceding modules wont match that of successors since we can not previously know the IDS they. However successors will work as expected. Meaning; highlights can properly exclude carousels posts even if it’s set to random, however if highlights is set to random, carousel wont exclude the right IDs. Luckily, recent posts is at the very end so it can properly exclude all the posts in the modules

woooClipboard01Widely used – my favorite- ecommerce plugin Woocommerce basic support has been added. Further customization and adjustments will be provided later on (related products and such). In future releases i plan to add more plugin support for widely used ones like Theme my login, YARRP etc. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Until the update gets approved you can :
Play with online Demo
Download from SVN

Soon after the submission of 1.4.0 a patch has been submitted bumping the v to 1.4.1 & another quick update has been submitted improving featured IMGs. Current version is :

Finally I’m pretty sure there are tiny bugs stuck here and there; but I’ll post hotfixes between releases as i did earlier. Thank you very much for putting up with frequent updates, trust me it will get easier but i do need your continued feedback to fix and improve the theme. It’s started to mature already, somewhere between 1.5 – 2.0 everything should be rock solid (probably somewhere between March – May )

Changelog 1.4.0 – 1.4.2

  • v.1.4.2* Added: Different size option for featIMGs. Hybrid featIMG display option.
  • v.1.4.2* Bugfix: Block featIMG not working in single mode.
  • v.1.4.1* Bugfix: Double column loop fix.
  • v.1.4.1* Bugfix: Module block excludes
  • Added: Featured IMG, Excerpt & more loop options.
  • Added: Option to set Includes & Excludes for modules & also on home
  • Added: Option to display modules also on other pages
  • Added: Woocommerce plugin support.
  • Bugfix: Google font variants not being saved properly.
  • Bugfix: Homepage pagination.
  • Bugfix: Some sidebar / layout preferences fixes.
  • Bugfix: Homepage double col display with custom post count.

8 Responses to “Bootstrap UL Update 1.4.0 – 1.4.2”

  • jerry

    1.4.1 – the Posts still show up in Carousel after I delete the option (click X on the right to Posts). How do I fix this? Thanks!!

    • eadmin

      It’s added as a safety precaution for the average user. Posts will always display by default.
      You can change this behaviour by commenting out line 14 on \inc\modules\carousel.php that says: if(empty($types)) $types = array("post");
      In order not to lose your changes with future updates; first copy \inc\modules\carousel.php file to \child\default\inc\modules\carousel.php and make the change in that file.

      If you have further questions please ask on the support forum so that other users can benefit from the answers. Cheers.
      Support Forum:

      Also if you like the theme please rate & review it on WP themes dir:

  • Vicky

    I love your theme. I’ve used bootstrap before and thought this was a perfect way to intograte my own themes with your modules and plugins. However, I can’t seem to find where the post comments are coming from? this is what I see – Posted 2014-01-20 by vicky & filed under .

    • eoadmin

      What do you mean “where the post comments are coming from” ? Comments are displayed only in single mode . Do you want to display a “Click to leave a comment” link under post footer ?

      I dont understand exactly what’s wrong. Could you please explain what you are after exactly. Also a link would help.

      • Vicky

        On my page there is this line : Posted 2014-01-20 by vicky . I don’t want to see that line. You have it on your site as well.

  • Vicky

    I found it! I removed it from the content-single.php section. Might be nice enhancement to make this a on/off switch. Still love it.

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