1.4.8 update

This update fixes a few things that went wrong with previous updates.

When you think you fix some bugs you sometimes create more than you fix. This was the case with the recent updates (after 1.4.5). The update 1.4.8 fixes those. If you have recently updated to 1.4.6 / 1.4.7 I strongly recommend you upgrade to 1.4.8

As always; it takes some time for the update to get approved before it appears in your automatic updates (Usually a few days, but sometimes as long as a week or two). So if you like you can go to the dev. section of the theme to download latest from SVN, or wait for the update to get approved.

Changelog 1.4.8

  • *Changed hardcoded custom comment form in favor of default comment_form() to allow customization.
  • *Bugfix: Bootswatch theme not being applied if style superority is selected.
  • *Bugfix: Logo not being saved while using child theme.
  • *Bugfix: Missing sub menus after level 2.
    *Bugfix: Override.css

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