Planned features for 1.3 and later

I’m a user of the Bootstrap Ultimate theme as well as the developer, so i discover missing features, also encounter some bugs. Anyway here are the planned features for the next update off the top of my head (The list maybe updated later)

  • Done in 1.3.9 | Adjustable Main Layout (alter main & sidebar widths / position)
  • Done in 1.3.0 | Mobile friendly responsive <select> menu (much better than toggle menu)
  • Done in 1.3.0 | Font-awesome icon support for nav-menus.
  • Done in 1.3.9 | Custom post type support for modules (carousel,featurettes etc.)
  • Built-in Backgrounds – patterns.
  • Pinned posts (not sticky, something different, you’ll see the difference when it’s added)
  • Done in 1.3.9 | Options Import / Export
  • Extended font support for additional font sources. FontSquirrel, TypeKit etc.

The list is ordered by priority, hopefully they most will be knocked off in the next release ~ approx. two weeks.

Apart from the actual features, as you know there are always undiscovered “features” as some of you might call them “bugs” ­čśŤ I’m well aware of certain bugs, or unexpected behaviors such as Google font variant select. They’ll be fixed along the way.There are actually a lot of undocumented features and more good stuff will come in. The theme is very new, and built from scratch, so bear with me.

PS: Remember to backup your “functions.php”, “override.css” or any other template files you’ve modified.

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