tttClipboard02A new update has been submitted for Bootstrap Ultimate WP. The most exciting feature is mobile <select> menu

In addition to that the header has almost been completely redesigned (precautionary measures for large logo images, better aligned logo-menu-search for different resolutions).

Dismissible info & warning messages to remind you of notable stuff, you can simply get rid any of them at any moment by clicking X on the right.

Please note that Google Analytics functionality has been removed with this release since it falls into plugin territory, and not allowed by WP in themes.

You can download latest release from SVN or wait for the update to be approved:Bootstrap ULtimate on WP themes

Also I’ve been updating the demo here and there too… For example check out Responsive Layouts page

Changelog 1.3.0

  • Added: mobile-friendly <select> menu-nav feature.
  • Major header redesign (Logo, nav, search adjustments)
  • Added: Fontawesome support in nav menus (add fa_icon class to your menuitem class ex: fa_home)
  • Removed: Google Analytics feature -plugin territory-
  • Restructured theme options – $eo_options
  • Bugfix: Top nav bg & gradient color not taking effect.
  • Bugfix: “Post Custom Options” is not visible for pages.
  • Added: Dismissable informative messages.
  • Several other minor bugfixes

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