Earlier when i decided to work with bootstrap, i wasnt looking for anything fancy, a development base skin cut to the bone and i found out one by 320press and another by Rachel Baker. Upon tests i chose 320’s version over the other but since Bootstrap 3.x came out they havent updated it yet. When asked -three weeks ago- they have said it was probably due in two weeks ­čśŤ But they probably have a lot on their plate.

However i had to have a starter template to build upon so i looked for replacements but failed to find one, and i decided to give a go to update 320’s version.

This page you are looking at is currently using my updated version, if you like feel free to Download it here .

This page is now using “Bootstrap Ultimate” for WP, Download Bootstrap ULtimate here.

Warning: It’s just an over-night update, no enhancements or anything, pretty much plain bootstrap markup & files update. Don’t expect much other than that. Use at your own risk.

Changelog: Without going into too much details:

  • .spanX’s removed due to markup change in 3.x replaced with the new .col-sm-X markup.
  • .row-fluid’s changed to .row, .container-fluid changed to .container (.row-fluid is now obsolete)
  • added .form-inline where appropriate (inputs are now block elements by default, you need to add that to your forms if you want them inline)
  • Glyphicons are now used as font not image (font added)
  • Navbar markup changes
  • Removed responsive.css – obsolete.
  • “Hero unit” replaced by “jumbotron”
  • and of course js,css,less files updated for bootstrap.
Let me know if you run into problems by emailing me.

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